SOS: Frequently Asked Questions!



Age Range & Suitability​

What is the minimum age for my child to join?​

We only allow strictly 4 years old and above to join our classes.

Can my child with special needs attend art classes?


Of course! We embrace each kid as art has no barriers. We advise the child to attend the trial class so that your child can feel safe and comfortable in our environment. Plus, our instructors can get to know your child better!


Regarding Art Lessons

Do I need to bring any materials?


No worries, all materials will be provided!

Can you teach my kid to draw?


 We will teach your kid to see and observe instead of draw as drawing is about seeing and being able to draw well requires practice. Practice requires time and effort.

What will my child learn and what mediums will they use?

We believe that no two children are alike. Thus, we will tailor a specific programme for each child. They will be exploring a variety of mediums like: Acrylic paints, Watercolour, Clay, Chalk Pastels, Charcoal, Markers, Fine Liners and mixed mediums. 

Are the art materials child-friendly?


Yes. Creation of children masterpieces will also be supervised by the art instructor.

Why is my kids' artwork not what it's supposed to be?


Every kid's progress is different and here at Artify we take pride in organic learning whereby we will not forcefully push a kid to achieve a certain outcome. Instead, we value the quirks and personal inputs kids have as long as it is not coming from a complacent place.

Are there trial classes available?


Yes, there are trial classes available for the Regular Kids Classes. (Alpha, Avant Garde, Artistry)


Regarding Class Setting 

What is the student – teacher ratio?


We pride ourselves in the attention that we give each student.

Our classes have a small instructor-to-students ratio. (1 Art Instructor: 4 Little Artists)

Can I accompany my kid during the class?


Parents are not allowed to be in the class. Our neighbourhood has lots to explore and you can come back when the class ends!

Can I request to change teachers?​

No, as our teachers are placed based on age groups. There will be times where the teachers take turns to take different kids due to the nature of certain projects.


Punctuality & Attendance

What if my child is late for class?


You may still send your child for class, but the class will still end at the stated timing.
Do inform us if your child is going to be late. Please do ensure that your child is on time. We don’t want them to miss out all the fun!

What if I am late to pick my child up?


We will put the kids in a cage (just kidding!). Please ensure that you inform us if your child is going to be late. We seek your understanding that we have other classes happening concurrently and might not be able to attend to your child.

What if my child is sick?


Please provide a medical certificate or we will have to forfeit the lesson. There will be no refunds given.

What if I am planning to bring my child for holiday?


Please do give us at least two weeks’ notice or we will have to forfeit the lesson. There will be no refunds given.

What happens if my child is unable to attend the class at the last minute?


We will review it on a case-by-case basis. If reasonable, we will provide a replacement lesson.


Regarding Payment & Term Duration

Can I have a full refund if my child cannot come for class anymore/ complete them in time.

We will not process any refunds but if you have a legitimate reason, we will assess based on a case by case basis. 

Can I transfer the remaining lessons to another child?


Yes, only if they are siblings.

By when do I need to finish the art sessions?

If you sign up for 4 sessions, you are required to finish within 2 months and if you sign up for 12 sessions, you are required to finish within 4 months.


Safety & Precaution 

Can ​teachers help to pick up/ drop off my kid downstairs?

No as our teachers will be busy setting up for the class and please note that our studio will not be held responsible for your kid once he/she is out of the studio.

Will my kids be using sharp objects?

Yes, they will be using scissors, glue gun, needles and will be taught how to use it correctly under close monitor of our instructors. 

What if my kids have a bad fall at the studio?


We have a first aid kit to tend to minor injuries. Safety in the studio is always our top priority. However, Artify Studio will not be held liable or responsible for any accidents that happen on our premises.