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Feeling peckish but not hungry enough for a full meal? Try out some of our favourite 7-11 snacks/foods we've tried!

(In no particular order; prices accurate as of July 2019)

We love this healthy alternative to Kimchi! ($4.50)

Get the best of 4 worlds - Cheetos, Doritos, Rose Gold & Sun Chips - with this collaboration! ($6.00)

Eggs!!! It's pretty good considering it's a ready-to-eat food. ($2.50)

Oatty - a good mix for those who want a healthy + sinful snack. ($2.50)

Want something a bit more filling? This is our favourite flavour amongst the rest. ($3.50)

Chocolate + corn puffs = Wheat Puff Chocolate! Once you start, you may not stop. ($2.00)

Limited edition Hershey's chocolates!! These are really good but rich and sinful. Be sure to drink loads of water after. ($2.00 each)




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