Unguided Art Jam

Unguided Art Jam

If you’re looking to try something out of the ordinary with your little one, our non- judgemental, fully supportive environment is an excellent place to start. Unguided Art Jam is for those who are looking for a space to create and paint freely. Now the whole family can spend hours flexing their creative muscle!


Each sessions is 2.5 hours, art materials are provided for (refer to 'All materials provided' below) but there will be no guidance given. 


Age Limit: 4 years old and above

4 - 7 year old kids require one paid accompanying adult who is encouraged to paint with the kid. The ratio is one adult to strictly one kid. Please note that we do not have anyone to supervise/watch over your children.


Other than young kids, only paid participants of Unguided Art Jam will be allowed to stay in the painting premise. Those who are waiting can explore our neighbourhood. There's lots of good food around!


Subject to Artify's availability

  • Monday - Friday: Anytime between 10.00am - 5.30pm
    Last time slot starts at 3pm and ends at 5.30pm
  • $25 for a 2.5 hours session, + $10 for any additional hour 
  • All art materials provided, no guidance provided
  • Includes WiFi + complimentary access to our mini-fridge


Feel free to WhatsApp us @ 90111431 for easier communication/bookings. 

Please respect our space and help to clean up after yourselves. Cleaning charges may apply if the space is found to be in an unsatisfactor